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From the Lincoln Center to the Los Angeles Music Center, the Brooklyn Academy of Music to the Osaka Symphony Hall, from palaces in Istanbul to concerts in Seoul Korea, Crispin Barrymore has brought his music and his voice to the world stage.


Equally comfortable singing for dignitaries at the United Nation Summit or singing for the world on the Grammy stage, Crispin has performed both on and off camera, working with the likes of Steven Spielberg, John Williams, Christine Aguilera, Robin Williams and countless others.


It has become increasingly important to Crispin that the healing properties of sound and the power of communication through Music come to fruition and become more accessible to humanity.  He realizes the social impact inherent in music and the call-to-action that it in parts. From meditation series recorded at his studio in Santa Monica to live sound activation events from Los Angeles to New York and beyond, Crispin’s music provides a foundation for healing, balance, inspiration and personal and public growth.

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Crispin Barrymore


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